Philippe Groswald

16 avenue Edouard Grinda

06000, Nice


(+33)6 09 95 92 10

11 digits. The number type is (33) 333333333 .

I sometimes up to ten applications by Saturday. I do not answer to requests motivated .

I probably do not respond to this request : Hello, I would like to know more about your rates for a wedding next year.
Could you email me ? Thank you.

My answer always against to applications such as: My fiance and I are getting married next June 20 at Saintes-Maries -de- la-Mer.
We found your website last month and have been following your news on the blog. We love your photos and would like to meet you
and have an idea of your prices .

I will call all business being suspended bride who wrote me this example : You covered the 2009 wedding of Jenny S. Wales .
It was so much talked about that we already knew your work before deciding to get married. it will be on July 7 in a
villa in the Var hinterland . It will not be as great as hers as we would like simple, tender and especially emotionally charged . We appeal
to you that our pictures resemble those of their meeting in Brighton that we absolutely adored . Our families are very dispersed and we would especially
you attach to restore the emotional reunion Feel free to call me because we are very eager to know if you are available .