Sound & light partners

For the wedding photographer the provider in charge of the sound and the bright decoration is capital to contribute to the success of his work.
Indeed what in my opinion most often makes the difference between a good and a very good wedding photographer is the work of the evening.

The great fashion for a few years under the pretext of rise in definition and total suppression of digital noise is to realize evening shots in conditions approaching those of a studio work. The result are pictures that could as well be taken in broad daylight and have no more pictures of evenings.
For my part I prefer to take a little more risk and make the physical effort to stick to the subject and to fetch ambient lights to get a result closer to the photo in concert with luminous and multicolored backgrounds.

Some reception rooms are sometimes perfectly equipped with upward lighting for vertical perspectives and ramps of colored lights for the dance floor. However, most often it lacks at least a horizontal pursuit which allows to follow for example the couple at the opening of the ball or a vertical pursuit which on the contrary makes it possible to extract dancers on the track of dance against day to bring out Halos.

In recent years all the Dj have turned almost systematically to LED type lights which are a nightmare for us because they are not or little detected by the photo sensors. So you have to constantly "fight" with them to get at least some classic spots. In desperation, we only have to multiply the flash slaves deported to the four corners of the rooms with various filters or gelatin of colors.

In the years that have passed since my return to France, I have been given a chance to meet a number of DJs and, more generally, music and light animation companies. Some have not marked me against others deserve that I quote them here.

Sometimes for qualities of animation that are out of the ordinary like for example Gérard Carli in Puget on Argens for his exceptional enthusiasm communicative and kindness or Gil Animation in Biot which has a fishing and tonus absolutely incredible. I think ausi Moos Animation in Marne La Vallée which as soon as he speaks fascinates by his charism any audience.

Sometimes it is a set of things that make some big teams impressive machineries of professionnality and efficiency as in the case of Promusique animation in Mougins totally unavoidable on the Côte d'Azur or Madjic in Ivry sur Seine which developed a Concert of sono on stilts absolutely out of the common. I also need to talk about Design Show, an absolutely incredible group of DJ dancers whose main facilitator is a look-alike of Bruce Willis and his dancers in the living room who animate a dance floor in an extraordinary way.

Anglophones will appreciate the know-how of Peter de Riviera Organization

Videographers & Cameramen

Already quite a few years ago, when the video had not yet entered the digital age, we took care of the photo as well as the video on weddings as well as on any other event. Today with digital treatment, I strongly oppose the idea that the same company or worse still the same person deals with both.

I think indeed and all my experience confirms it, that these are two complementary but antagonistic image cultures and that necessarily one will tend to privilege one in relation to the other. As for thinking that it would be more economical, it is a fatal mistake because it is in fact always a lure.

So I have definitely stopped doing both to dedicate myself to photography for many years and this is a decision that I welcome today. I am therefore all the more comfortable to advise you as a videographer for your wedding.
In Paris, I encourage you to see the work of Franck Maillet remarkable specialist of 3D and special effects.

In Nice, I suggest you celuis of Maurice Dray whose equipment would palliate the viewers of Canal +.
In Saint Raphael and Draguignan, you will have the choice between Alexis Video and My Video Studio.

If you want to touch the sky, contact the Serendipity team in Phoenix Arizona or else Four Seasons movies that are them in North Carolina and are traveling around the world. For those who unlike me do not know their work just see their websites in 21/9. I do not think that's a comment.
Similarly, I invite you to visit the site of Joshua Smith one of the best wedding videographers in the world.

Reception rooms and sites

To say that the place of reception is absolutely capital in the success of a marriage is certainly an euphemism which nevertheless deserves to be reminded again and again.

Depending on the country and region, they can be extremely diverse, from specialized multisalles, private beaches, historic castles, vineyards, villas and private properties to restaurants and hotels of all categories.

Some couples sometimes visit dozens of sites before deciding. From this choice will depend the atmosphere and style of the day. We do not dress in the same way according to whether we finish the day on a beach or in a five-star palace in the Place de la Concorde.

I will try to recall from memory a number of sites that seemed to me perfectly adapted to welcome your family and your guests.

Of course this selection is personal and function of tastes that are mine and depend a lot on purely aesthetic considerations. So you have to do according to your personal tastes.

By dint of traveling through France and the world of weddings in weddings it happens that certain places mark more than others the imaginary.
I will start with the sites in France.

Everywhere large hotels host marvelous weddings. I will cite a little in bulk the Crillon in Paris with its exceptional view on the Place de la Concorde, the Negresco in Nice on the Promenade des Anglais a real museum, the famous Carlton and Majestic Cannes on the Croisette with their private beaches, Le Grand Hotel du Cap in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat an exceptional setting, L'Eden Roc in Cap d'Antibes that all the American stars frequent or Cap Estel in Cap D'ail a little jewel. The Trianon Palace in Versailles very chic and grand century. A particularly strong memory of a wedding at the Messardière in Saint Tropez.

France is the country of castles. They are found in all regions. In Burgundy in Pizay or Clos Vougeot. In the Paris area at Maison Lafitte. At the famous Château de Vaux le Vicomte or at Ferrière. The Château de Breteuil or the Château des Clos both in the valley of Chevreuse.

The banks of the Loire abound with exceptional sites. A wedding in Amboise successfully assured. The Château de la Bourdaisière, not far from Tours, is a place full of charm.

In Provence, as is often the case in Bordeaux, castles are the origin of large wine estates such as Sainte Roseline or the Château de Berne near Draguignan. You will find an absolutely exceptional Provencal setting at La Font du Broc with its wonderful cellars and French gardens but be careful to book two years in advance! Outside the main roads a former templar residence The Commanderie de Peyrassol is the setting for magical weddings, not to mention the Chateau de la Chèvre d'Or in Eze and its marvelous maritime panorama.

It is not only the Palaces and the Castles to receive weddings
I remember weddings really out of the ordinary on private beaches from Ramatuelle to La Voile Rouge or the beach of Les Jumeaux.

The British are unconditional fans of Saint Tropez and its region. Also consider visiting Pearl Beach and its Asian setting at the entrance of Saint Tropez. I still think of Domaine de Beauvallon in Sainte Maxime superbly located. Thanks to Suzann and Eymeric for their exceptional reception at the Domaine du Mont Leuze in Villefranche sur mer.

Numerous weddings in private villas around Mougins, Valbonne, Opio, Ajaccio, Cahors. Saint Rémy de Provence etc ...

The wedding of Joy and David at the Hotel Saint Regis of New York which will have earned me two nights of galley in the airports of the big Apple and which nevertheless remains one of the best memories of my career.
A very friendly thought for Jessica and Peter for having chosen me for their fabulous wedding in Saint Barth and the ballad at sea. One little regret because I will never be able to show any of the photos of this wonderful marriage because of the presence of some VIP and various stars of the British music scene. Pity !

Another sea wedding departing from Monaco on a sparkling Yacht that of Mary and Dominic straight off their native Arizona where however the ships are not many!

Monte Carlo always where the Hotel Hermitage welcomes magnificent receptions.

Finally the very intimate marriage of Sue and Robert on a small sailing ship between Grimaud and Saint Tropez which has earned me the most memorable sunburn of my life.
Not to mention one of my favorite destinations Marrakech and its fabulous weddings in the palm grove.

Wedding Planner

In France wedding planners or Wedding Planner have had great difficulty in getting into mores.

It seems that in recent years the revolution is on the march. It was time ! And it is certainly not the photographers who will complain so much for years we have been serving the D-Day of Master of Ceremonies replacement when there was no Wedding Planner.

This is why we are much more than others sensitive to the work and competence of the Wedding Planner.

Choosing the Wedding Planner will often depend on the style of the whole day as they often mark this one of their paw.

The Anglo Saxons have long been accustomed to entrust the organization of all their professional and family events to specialists and rely much more on them whereas in France I still too often see the bride and groom redoing all or part of the work Which they are supposed to have entrusted to them.

This is a pity for all because the credibility of the Wedding Planner takes a hit. Yet there are real pro in this area that are really worth the detour.
I will attempt in a few lines to list the people I saw at work and who impressed me with their efficiency and competence.

Some trusted wedding planner

Here are some Wedding Planner who do a great job: Emmanuelle and Anaïs of Pulp Event in Nice, Jennifer of Wedding Star in the Var.
Peter de Riviera Organization near Grasse as well as Lisa de Riviera Runners in Valbonne, or Sara and Samantha de Perfecttimingweddings in Saint Tropez and Ramatuelle will satisfy Anglophone clientele, as well as my longtime friend Suzann of Your Wedding in France in London.

I also have to mention Sandrine of the Kingdom of the Licorne near Grenoble, the complete team of Emebi Events in Milan, as well as Kelly of Boho Weddings and Events in Sheffield whose blog is remarkable.

Finally two agencies, or rather two people with whom I greatly appreciated to be able to work on projects that did not happen. Hoping one day to find them on marriages that are finalized. In Paris, Ana de AnaCella Event and Nathalie de Festive France in Dijon.